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Midreshet Olamot

Our staff, from counselors to social workers, is present and on hand, physically and emotionally to assist, support and guide our girls: enabling them to open up on their way forward.

Open House Project

The ‘Open House’ project provides a safe place for challenged teens that are not necessarily known to the social services , to receive the help, support and direction they need.

Once a week, our social worker will welcome girls between the ages of 15-22, who are unknown to the social services, in order to arrange for them individual and group therapy, remedial classes, career counseling, self awareness workshops and activities, along with a hot meal, when needed.

The goal of this project is to prevent girls from dropping out of their families and schools by providing the support and encouragement they desperately require.
Our graduates report that the ‘Open House’ helped them physicly and emotional excel and prevented them from dropping out of the system.

The girls are reffered to us by community workers, school counselours, mental helth proffesionals or just by word of mouth.

Partners in support:
– The Myra Reinhard Family Foundation
– Va’adat Ha’ezvonot
– JFR Global Investments
– Checkpoint

*The individual therapy is sponsored by the Friedberg Foundation

Therapeutic Home Care

CertificateSince 1995, the Finkel’s have been hosting adolescent girls who were unable to continue living with their families due to dysfunction, neglect and/or abuse.

Some of the girls were post hospitalization, others were homeless due to the inabilities of their families to take care of them.

Recently, the Finkel’s received an award from Ohr Shalom, the national foster care supervising agency, in appreciation for opening their home and heart for hundreds of girls in need.

Currently, the Finkel’s are supervising additional foster families, who are using their model to help their girls in the most professional, effective and dedicated manner.

Learning Towards a Brighter Future

Learning Towards a Bright Future is a vocational support program for young women whose lives have been put in limbo as the results of their turbulent home situations and lack of educational opportunities.

Olamot recognizes that education and financial independence are essential to rehabilitation.

For our clients, a successful career – or a high school diploma – have become little more than an unrealistic fantasty. Olamot residents need support to obtain and maintain safe employment with fair compensation.

“Learning Towards a Brighter Future” supports each client, coaching her towards finding employment, safety in the workplace, developing healthy relationships with co-workers and employer, responsibility, setting and achieving goals, consistently following company regulations, work efficiently, teamwork and effective communication.

This project specifically caters for English Speaking adolescents who have made Aliya or are temporarily staying in Israel, who due to language barriers are unable to take advantage of the services the Ministry of Education would otherwise provide.

Bnos Melech Seminary

BMS is designed for the heimishe girl who seeks to expand and progress in her personal Avodas Hashem. Our goal is to inspire and infuse our talmidos with higher vision and values.

“It is thanks to your unique way of chinuch, with sensitivity, warmth and love, that you’ve built our daughter into a mature young lady. Your program was a positive and empowering experience that gave her life long tools that we will forever be indebted for. We can’t thank you enough for all you’ve given our daughter Sarah over the past four years.”

Mrs. B.T Ramat Beit Shemesh

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